Deck Post Caps: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Deck Post Caps

December 16, 2022

As professional deck builders, we often hear the question, what are deck post caps? While there are many fundamental pieces to building a deck, many accessories are optional from a legal point of view. Deck post caps fit into this category—they are not necessary to meet building codes. Nonetheless, deck post caps are one of the most popular features added to decks. 

What are Deck Post Caps?

Deck post caps are coverings that sit on top of deck posts. As mentioned, they aren’t necessary for the stability of the deck, yet they are widespread and serve various purposes. 

Just as you can buy furniture or cabinets of various materials, styles and qualities, deck post caps are diverse. Deck caps can be made of wood, stainless steel, brass, copper, vinyl, composite or other materials. Moreover, numerous deck post caps are equipped with solar or LED lighting. 

Deck Post Caps on a Large Deck

Why You Need Desk Post Caps

Add Style to Your Deck

Building a deck is not enough—you have to decorate it well to get the most value out of it. Adding deck post caps to your deck will improve your deck’s overall aesthetic. When choosing deck post caps, be sure to match the material and color to the materials and colors already present around your deck. At the same time, consider adding special deck post caps with ambient lighting to create a cozy atmosphere on your deck. 

Added Protection From Weather

If your deck is like most others, it is made of wood. Although wood is visually pleasing and excellent for building decks, it’s not without flaws. Wood is subject to the elements meaning that time, rain and wind will take a toll on your deck. Posts, beams and floorboards may rot, warp and even split. Deck post caps help protect your posts from the elements by blocking the amount of water that can touch and seep into the posts. 

Prevent Splinters

Similar to how water can damage wood, it can also suffer from sun damage. Extensive exposure to the sun can result in wood cracking and splintering. The tops of wood posts are spots that are especially at risk for splintering as they are exposed to all the elements, including the sun. Adding deck post caps can prevent the wood from splintering and will stop you and your family from getting splinters stuck in your hands. 

Reduce Mishaps from Wildlife 

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, you’re sure to have some type of wildlife around. And if there’s one thing true about wildlife, it’s that they do their business wherever they can. Adding deck post caps on the tops of your deck posts can prevent wildlife from standing on top of your deck posts and making a mess on your deck. 

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Deck Accessories

Although deck post caps may not be the most vital addition to your deck, they do serve several purposes. As professional deck builders in Chester County, PA, we’ve seen clients add various deck post caps to their new decks for decoration and utility. Contact us today to learn more about deck post caps and how they can be fit on your new deck.