6 Safety Features Your Deck Needs to Have

6 Deck Safety Features

July 18, 2022

When installing a new deck, there are countless things you need to think about and decide upon such as the design and material used. What many DIY deck builders push to the back of their minds are the safety features. However, at McHenry Deck Builders, we always follow all safety guidelines when building your deck. Deck safety features are crucial as they can be dangerous if not built correctly. Check out the following key safety features your deck needs to have. 


One of the most visually obvious safety features that a deck needs are railings. Regardless of if your deck is elevated, it should have railings installed to prevent someone from falling. Most railings reach a height of three feet but going above is recommended. While railings are safety features, they also help complete the look of a deck.


While many people think of lights as pure decoration, they act as safety measures as well. String up lights around your deck’s roof or the railing to ensure visibility at night. To go above and beyond, you can also add small lights to each step of your stairs to further improve safety.

String Lights on Deck


Flashing is a material, often a thin piece of metal, that helps waterproof decks, roofs, chimneys and more. When installed on decks, it’s used as a sealant between the ledger board and your home. This waterproofing safety feature is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your deck. If the end of your deck that connects to your home begins to rot, the entire deck becomes dangerous. 

Professional deck builders in Chester County, PA, like McHenry Deck Builders, use the best flashing material for your home. 


Just as you need to waterproof the connection between your deck and your home, adding additional sealant to your deck is a common safety feature that many professionals utilize. Adding sealant improves your deck’s ability to withstand rain and maintain integrity. If even a small portion of your deck develops mold or rot, it can quickly spread causing safety concerns and costly repairs.

Stair Grip

Wet stairs, especially at night or if you have a pool, can be considered a safety hazard. If your deck has a set of stairs, adding a gripping material on top of them can help improve their overall safety. As mentioned already, your deck should have a railing going around the outside. Be sure to extend the railing to the stairs or add a separate handrail. 

New Deck with stairs and black fences.

Concrete Foundation

For a deck to be considered well-built, the frame of the deck needs to be grounded in concrete footings. These concrete supports strengthen the frame of the deck by maintaining the wood in the same place regardless of weather conditions. Concrete foundations safeguard the entire structure of the deck and should be a fundamental piece of any newly built deck.

Work With a Professional Deck Builder

When it comes to decks, safety is always the top priority. Here at McHenry Deck Builders, we go above and beyond to make sure every deck we build is equipped with the latest safety features. We also make sure to follow all building codes in the area, so you can rest assured your deck is up to code. If you’re interested in adding a deck to your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you bring your dream deck to fruition.