5 Simple and Effective Deck Maintenance Tips

5 Simple and Effective Deck Maintenance Tips

February 15, 2022

Decks are one of the most sought-after features of a home. They are the perfect hang-out and get-together space where you, your family, and friends can enjoy the outdoors while still having the comforts of home. The only problem is that sometimes an older deck can fall into disrepair if you don’t keep up with maintaining it properly. The local deck experts at McHenry have some maintenance tips to make sure you keep your deck in top shape all year round, and if you need a new deck in the future, we are the perfect custom deck builders for the job!

Maintain a Regular Inspection Routine

Wooden Deck With Sun Shining Through

If you want to have a well-maintained deck, you’ll have to be ready to perform regular inspections. These are best to do in the warmer months when there is little humidity. Regular inspections allow you to get on top of any problems like structural wood rot before they become too big and costly. 

To inspect your deck, give a look around to check for wood rot, how any stairs and railings are holding up, and if there are any rusty pieces of hardware. Beyond any major replacements, along with your inspections, you can clean your deck of any debris like fallen leaves and do a general sweep of the surface. This would be a really great routine as part of your post-winter cleaning schedule.

Replace Loose Nails Promptly

This tip follows up with having a regular inspection routine. When you see a loose nail—or any other piece of hardware—take care of it right away. If you let a loose nail sit around, you can risk a personal injury and further faults to the integrity of your deck.

When you see a loose nail, you can either remove it and place a new one close to the old one, or you can hammer the nail back down. However, if you choose to hammer the nail down, you’re likely going to have to replace it later. 

Thoroughly Clean Your Deck at Least Once a Year

Clean Deck Overlooking Trees

Each year, you should do a deep clean to maintain your deck’s health to prevent mold or mildew buildups. For one of the most effective deck maintenance tips, you’ll need a power washer

To clean your deck, start by removing everything from the surface and sweeping it to clean off any grime or dirt. Next, you’ll need to cover any plants or shrubs nearby, so the power washer doesn’t damage them. 

Once all the preparation steps are done, you can spray your deck in sweeping motions while holding the nozzle at a 45-degree angle. This ensures you get a thorough clean without damaging the wood.

Use Quality Stain 

Staining your deck is one of the best things you can do for your decks’ longevity as it will increase its’ lifespan and limit any heavy-duty maintenance like replacing boards. When choosing a stain, make sure you find one that provides waterproofing for better protection.

To stain your deck, you’ll need good weather—warm but not too hot. Before you stain, make sure to sand your deck, so the stain can soak into the wood and finish well. Apply stain with a roller, follow the stain’s directions for drying, and you’re done.

Hire a Professional Deck Builder

If you’ve inspected your deck and concluded that there is too much work to be done, you’ll need to hire a local decking company to replace your old deck and build you a brand new one. McHenry Deck Builders work in the Montgomery County and Chester County regions of PA and will customize your new deck to meet all of your expectations. Contact McHenry Deck Builders today to request a free estimate.