Six Reasons You Should Add a Deck to Your House

View of a deck that is fully furnished with white fencing from above.

January 11, 2022

It’s no surprise that adding a deck to your house can increase its value. But did you know that decks provide other benefits, too? From increased outdoor living space to improved privacy, the expert deck builders in Chester County at McHenry, have six practical reasons you should add a deck to your house. 

1. A Deck Gives You a Place to Enjoy the Outdoors

McHenry step up to a deck with a hightop table and low table with an umbrella.

It’s safe to say that the primary reason for building a deck is for outdoor enjoyment. When you have a deck, you have a multifunctional space that you can design and furnish to your liking. Decks are great places to add a grill, lounge chairs, an outdoor dining table, a free-standing hammock, and much more. 

What many people forget, decks are great year-round, despite the weather. In the winter, you can build a fire in your fire pit or sit next to a gas heater and drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate. 

2. A Deck Will Increase Your Living Space

Fully upgraded deck with furniture a TV and a roof with a fan.

Decks increase the square footage of the available space in your home. Before you build a deck, you likely have only a couple of places—kitchen and living room— to gather or host events with family and friends. With a deck, you have an additional space where people can hang out and have a good time. 

3. Having a Deck Can Add Value to a Home

As a homeowner, you’re likely aware of the cost of your home, and if you’ve ever considered selling your home, you’re sure to know what you need to do to increase the value of your home. One of the best ways to do so is by adding an outdoor deck.

Real estate agents and appraisals all agree that an outdoor living area is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Adding a deck will provide you with a great return on your investment if you choose to sell your home in the future. 

4. Decks Can Improve the Look of Your Home

View of a deck with three sections where one section is covered by a roof.

Similar to improving the value of your home, the way it looks is likely important to you. Perhaps you’ve cycled through colors of paint or styles of trimming and landscaping, and still not been happy with how it looks. Adding a deck to the back of your home can significantly improve the overall aesthetic as it completes the look. 

When you build your deck, you can explore different types of wood and composites, various colors of hardware and wood finish, plus more. You can also choose to build a built-in grill out of stone, add a brick fireplace, or do much more to complete your deck.

5. You Can Have More Storage Space if You Add A Deck

One of the often-overlooked benefits of having a deck is the increased storage space. While it may not be the most pertinent reason to build a deck, it’s a great advantage that comes along with the other pros of having a deck.

Depending on the way you have your deck built, you can include an enclosed storage space complete with a fence and a lock. Here, you can store anything from patio furniture during the winter to lawn maintenance equipment. 

6. Adding a Deck to Your Home Can Be Quick

Installing a deck is less time-consuming or expensive than many other home renovation projects. In most cases, deck builders can complete the job in just a few weeks. And because decks are typically built using existing structures, there is no need for expensive foundation work or complex wiring. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add more space and value, consider installing a deck.

Let The Professionals at McHenry Decks Build You The Deck You Have Always Wanted

If you’re considering adding a deck to your home, we recommend doing it right the first time. McHenry Decks will provide expert guidance on design and installation for any size or shape of a project. We’ve been providing quality decks in the Chester & Montgomery County, PA area for many years, so let us show you how our experience can make all the difference when building your dream outdoor living space. Contact us today to get started!