4 Ideas for Enjoying Your Deck in the Winter

Brown House Surrounded By Trees With Deck Covered in Snow In the Winter

December 7, 2021

One of the most common misconceptions about decks is that they are only meant for warm weather. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as you can use your deck during the winter months and enjoy it just as much! The expert deck builders in Chester County have a few excellent ways that you can enjoy using your deck through the coldest time of year in PA.

Add Some Warmth to Your Deck

Fire Pit on Deck From McHenry Deck Builders

If you want to sit outside on an open deck during the winter, you’re going to need some heat. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult task, and you have many different options. You can add freestanding gas heaters, a fire pit with real wood, or a fire pit that uses gas—the most popular option is some sort of fire pit as it serves more than one purpose.

Fire pits, whether gas or wood, become focal points on the deck. It’s a central piece where people can sit around and enjoy a hot chocolate or a tasty, mulled wine.

Invest in a Hot Tub

Hot Tub on A Deck Covered in Snow

Although not the easiest of options, adding a hot tub to your deck can completely change the way you view your outdoor sanctuary. If you’ve never been in a hot tub on a cold winter day, you’re missing out on a great winter experience.

To add a hot tub to your deck, you’ll have to navigate some logistical barriers like finding the space and getting the power to the hot tub. However, once you have all that managed, you’ll be looking forward to the winter months every year.

Enclose Your Deck

Fully upgraded deck with furniture a TV and a roof with a fan.

Many homeowners build open decks to take advantage of those fresh spring days, warm summer mornings, and crisp fall evenings. However, if you enclose your deck, you’ll have a cozy outdoor space to enjoy year-round. By adding windows to the enclosure, you can still get all the fresh air you want during the warmer months. This is something that you can talk to your deck building professionals about while a deck is being built or it can be completed as an add-on.

During those cold winter months, your enclosed deck will provide the perfect place to get out of the house while staying protected from the elements. Enclosing your deck is a great way to further utilize your deck in the winter months. Plus, the enclosure will protect your deck and furniture from the cold, rain and snow.

Ideas for Decorating Your Deck for Winter

It likely doesn’t seem right to sit outside on your deck in the winter if all your decorations and furniture are meant for the summer. To best enjoy your deck in the winter, you need to add the proper furniture and decorations.

It’s best to find furniture that can withstand the elements, so it can be used all year. From there, consider adding blankets, wicker baskets, dried flowers, and some sort of light source. You can choose decorative light bulbs on a string, lamps, large candles or anything else you like to illuminate your deck.

McHenry Can Build you an Outdoor Oasis to Enjoy all Year Round

Having a deck during the winter is one of those luxuries that will make all your cold-weather woes melt away. It’s an investment in your home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! If you’re interested in learning more about how we can create the deck of your dreams and how you can take care of them, reach out to McHenry Deck Builders today. We are the expert deck builders in the Chester County, PA region who can show you how to get the best use and the longest life out of your deck.