The Top 9 Deck Decorating Ideas for Summer

Deck Decorating Ideas for Summer

May 17, 2022

Decks are the perfect outdoor spaces to relax, enjoy a meal with your family or have a get-together with friends. Whether your deck is enclosed, open or raised, there are plenty of ways you can decorate to add new life to it. Check out the following deck decorating ideas for Summer 2022 and see which idea is perfect for spicing up your favorite outdoor spot.

Prioritize Comfortable Seating

Fully upgraded deck with furniture a TV and a roof with a fan.

No deck is complete without outdoor seating. However, not just any seating will do this summer—deck seating complete with plenty of cushions and pillows is this year’s style. With comfy seating, you’ll never get tired of spending your free time outside.

Build a Vertical Garden To Decorate Your Deck

While not every deck or backyard has space for classic garden beds, they all have room for a vertical garden. These creative green spaces can be used for decoration or production, depending on your preference.

Highlight Your Deck with a Kitchen Bar

If you like to cook and enjoy the fresh air, why not add a kitchen bar? You can complete the bar with prep space, storage for glasses, a mini-fridge and much more. This addition will surely be the highlight of your deck for family and friends.

Add Deck Lighting

One of the easiest ways to improve the ambiance of your deck is to add lighting. Check out string, color-changing and mood lights to see which you like best for your space.

Create a Dining Area

Grey deck with black fencing and white posts leading to a pool.

Adding a table and chairs to make a designated dining area if you have the space is a great deck decorating idea! You can complete the area by adding decorative features like a flowerpot and candles. Be sure to match your chairs and table with the rest of your deck to keep the style consistent!

Design Around a Fire Pit

Bringing a fire pit to your deck is the perfect addition for those cool summer nights. You can add a wood or gas fire pit and surround it with comfortable seating to make it the ultimate hang-out place for your family and friends. Adding a firepit also keeps opening the opportunity to be able to enjoy your deck throughout the winter months as well!

Add Life with an Outdoor Rug

Add an outdoor rug if you want your deck to have a homier feel to it! The most popular outdoor rugs are polypropylene as they’re easy to clean and stain-resistant, and they won’t fade from strong sunlight. You can add a carpet with natural colors to blend into the environment or one with lots of color to brighten up your deck. 

Create Different Levels

White deck with brown boards fully furnished with three sections

Creating different levels on your deck allows you to distinguish diverse zones depending on your space. One level can be the hangout and relax area, whereas the other can be the outdoor cooking and dining space. If you’re interested in creating different levels, McHenry Deck Builders, the premier deck builders in Montgomery County and Chester County, PA, can help!

Add Privacy

If your deck is visible from other houses or apartments, you may want to consider adding some privacy. To do this, you can build a lattice wall, utilize a vertical garden, or cover your deck with a pergola and curtains.

No Matter The Season, Enjoy the Deck of Your Dreams

There are countless ways to decorate a deck, ranging from simple additions like a rug to adding another level. If you want to improve your deck this summer, talk to McHenry Deck Builders for some fantastic deck decorating ideas. We’re reliable and professional deck builders in Chester County, PA, who can make your dream deck come to life, starting with a free consultation to a 3D rendering of your new space and ending with a dream deck that you can be proud of. Contact us today to get started!