7 Ideas for Getting More Shade on Your Deck

7 Ideas for Getting More Shade on Your Deck

September 12, 2022

Decks are magnificent additions to any home. They offer a place for relaxation, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. However, if you’ve ever tried to hang out on your deck while the sun shines down on you, you’ve probably realized that despite all the furniture and decorations, your deck may lack something—shade. Check out our favorite deck shade ideas to see what’s best for you when the sun is too much for you.

Add A Pergola

Pergolas are either permanent or semi-permanent structures that can be anchored or free-standing. While they can be built apart from a deck or patio, they are often built in conjunction with decks to provide shade and aesthetic value. If you have a deck that needs more shade, a pergola is one of your best options as it can be constructed out of various materials, designed to your liking and decorated with whatever matches your deck.

Pergola in a Backyard With Table and Chairs Under

Hang Up Some Curtains

If your deck already has a roof or structure overhead, you can install curtains to give your outdoor space more shade. Curtains are a great option because you can open and close them as you like to provide either more or less shade. Moreover, curtains can give you additional privacy from neighbors or passersby. 

Use A Portable Umbrella

Adding a portable umbrella to your deck is the easiest way to provide shade. Depending on the size of your deck, you can opt for one large umbrella that covers more space or a couple of smaller umbrellas to add shade to different parts of your deck. 

Umbrella On A Deck

Add an Awning

When many people think of awnings, they think of cafes or restaurants with outdoor seating covered by an awning. However, awnings aren’t only suitable for shops and restaurants. Awnings can be stylish and valuable additions to any deck as they’ll add a unique look and plenty of shade. 

Build A Wooden Roof

If you want more than just protection from the sun, consider building a wooden roof over your deck. While this is more of a project than adding an umbrella or some curtains, it has several more benefits. A wooden roof provides the most shade and protects you from rain. What’s more, after you’ve added a roof, you can choose to go further by adding screens, curtains and more. 

Overhead View of Deck With Covered Area for Entertaining

Plant Some Trees

Rather than add something man-made, why not let nature provide shade for you? If you already have trees on your property, move your outdoor furniture to sit in the shade provided by the trees. You can also plant new trees in front of your deck to provide more shade. While this may not seem as effective as adding a roof, trees allow for your outdoor space to feel more natural and inviting. 

Get A Shade Sail

Shade sails are wonderful options for anyone who doesn’t want to add a permanent structure to get shade. These additions are easy to install, affordable and attractive. You can find shade sails of various colors, materials and levels of UV protection, especially in the warmer summer months.  

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